Competitive Advantages

The Company’s focus is to invest in companies that bring disruption to specific markets through the development and use of solutions based on technology and telecommunications to create competitive differentials in terms of offer and performance. The creation of value for investors is created by the incorporation of new teams and governance, development of new technologies and products and acceleration of the entry process in target markets, among other initiatives. Thus, we create value in each of these stages through the following Invest Tech competitive differentials:

Focus on target markets

Since our foundation, we have dedicated efforts to operate in the B2B digital economy companies market in Brazil. This performance created what we believe to be important operational, investment and value-generating differentials as a result of the focus and development of methodologies and specialized systems in the markets where we operate.

Team Experience

The formation of the Invest Tech team took years and today we believe that the experience accumulated in the markets in which we invest is one of our differentials. This complementary experience combined with several transactions creates a unique group that is difficult to replicate. Invest Tech’s team combines more than 100 years of experience in entrepreneurship, local and international executive performance, financial market and consulting in the markets where we operate, always maintaining a base of talents from different generations and backgrounds in order to maintain the company’s continuity and allow different views.

The Processes

We believe that the experience of many years investing only in digital B2B markets in Brazil allowed the creation and refinement of its processes for analyzing opportunities, evaluating teams and, mainly, differentiated knowledge of technologies in the markets where we invest.

Discipline in Assessment

We believe that paying the right and fair price, at the right time and at the right company is an art. Over the years we have learned to maintain this discipline in the opportunities we want to invest and also in those that have already been invested. As important as investing properly, is being able to create exit alternatives under favorable conditions, which we seek to do and analyze from the initial moment of investments.

Large Database

Over the years, we have developed one of the most important information bases on the companies and markets where we invest. This database is populated in a disciplined and focused manner with different levels of information and relationship history. Our strategy is to work in Private Equity and Venture Capital with dedicated teams and thesis. The result is a comprehensive look at innovation and its impact on the Brazilian market – from the most disruptive technology to the best growth model.


The focus and dedication in the B2B digital economy companies market in Brazil has created an important reference in the business and investment markets in Brazil. Today, the Company has a wide network of relationships formed by consultants, advisors, investment banks and funds that constantly present to Invest Tech business opportunities (investment and divestment). In addition, the operational discipline was created and today the team is responsible for generating important business opportunities. Of the transactions carried out to date, 61% were originated directly by this team, and 39% were raised by the social network.

Ability to generate value

The asset development process is the result of the combination of years of experience in the area with the operational experience of its partners and managers. In addition to the asset selection process, the ability to manage assets was developed using all the team’s experience and taking these decisions together, providing learning for the youngest. Today, the investment group and business partners have differentiated conditions to generate value for the companies that are invested.

Investment flexibility

As an investment company, we differentiate ourselves from traditional investment fund models by the flexibility of investment terms, without mandatory or outsourced divestment mandates, and with a long-term vision. In addition, we have flexibility in the use of investment instruments, flexibility and capacity to support the creation and implementation of strategic transactions and the possibility of follow-on in funding rounds.