Corporate Profile

Who we are

Invest Tech is a pioneering investment company that invests in Brazilian companies with high growth potential, operating in the digital economy for the corporate market (B2B) and that develop services or products that creates disruption in mature markets and accelerate the digitization of business between companies. Our focus are mainly on the following sectors:

  • Disruptive Technologies: Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics and other innovative technologies applicable to any segment of the economy to increase operational improvements, costs management and business control;
  • Fintech: Software and technology solutions aimed at the finance sector;
  • Healthtech: Software and technology solutions aimed at the health sector;
  • Edtech: Software and technology solutions aimed at the education sector;
  • Cleantech: Software and technology solutions aimed at efficiency, control and optimization of natural resources;
  • Telecomunicações: Infrastructure to bring data and voice services to cities with 50-400k inhabitants, mainly in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil;

Invest Tech’s mission is to add value in the development of innovative companies in Brazil. We are partners of entrepreneurs, helping to improve their operational and governance structure, in addition to investing in the development of new technologies and offerings contributing to the acceleration of the entry process in target markets. We believe that by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation we contribute to the country’s growth.


Ethics – We dream of a world in which ethics is not a value to be described, but permeates all business and relationships. Therefore it is the foundation of all our values.

Long-term vision – We believe in long-term return, and for that, governance is essential. As manager, we have already invested, disinvested, and we are guided by governance to ensure the perpetuity of the business of the companies in which we invest, and of invest tech itself. We’re proud of our history, but we believe this is just the beginning.

Development – We are guided by the generation of value. From team mentoring to investing in new business models, what we want is to contribute to the development of people, markets, the country and the world.

Know-how – We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the Brazilian and international market. We don’t know everything, but we’ve experienced different economic cycles, crises, acquisitions, mergers and integrations. We ask important questions to entrepreneurs and have management experience to help them with the answers.

Collaboration – We have a hands-on profile, and we do our best to help investees. We promote events and encourage exchanges between portfolio companies. We present potential clients, investors and advisers, helping our investees to become a reference in their respective markets. Therefore, we are looking for entrepreneurs who value Smart Money.